Newmont Mines Greenhouse

In 2001 we were pleased to assist Newmont Australia Limited (formerly Normandy Mining Limited) in a review of their Greenhouse Challenge action plans across all their mine sites in Australia. We were engaged to review existing greenhouse gas abatement projects and identify new greenhouse gas abatement projects as part of Newmont’s Greenhouse Challenge commitment (formerly Normandy) at six nominated mine sites.

This process required a site inspection of each Newmont mine (formerNormandy) in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. We reviewed existing action plans and inspected the facilities at each location to identify and produce a list of economically feasible energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects.

Projects were documented as part of Newmont’s revised action plans.

Identified Projects
A wide range of possible projects were identified including:
site load shedding control systems for a/c, pumping and some process management,
crusher circuits optimisation,
control of primary and secondary underground ventilation fans for underground workings,
improvements to power generation (where applicable),
water management and pumping for both underground and surface operations,
solar heating for domestic hot water,
solar heating to supplement process heating needs,
low volume shower roses,
use of variable speed drives,
use of reflective heat shields,
compressed air systems for both underground and surface,
haulage road surfaces and routes, and
contractor involvement in energy efficiency.

The mine sites covered in this exercise were Pajingo (Queensland), Bronzewing, Jundee, Wiluna and Golden Grove (Western Australia) and Tanami (Northern Territory).

A view of Bronzewing Operations

For each identified project, the capital investment was calculated with the return on that investment. In total, economically viable projects that would provide annual greenhouse gas savings of about 31,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent were recommended. For these projects, the estimated investment would be recouped in about twelve months.

Some other recommendations were made about training and improving the existing emissions database across the mine sites.


A view of Bronzewing Camp

A link to Newmont’s web site appears on our clients page.

A view of Tanami Operations

Further information about efficiency improvements in Newmont’s operations may be found at the AGO website here.

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