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Other Advisory Services - Electrical Power Engineering

Completed electrical engineering projects include:

  • Standby Power Studies
  • Feasibility Studies – specialist equipment installation
  • Technical advice on electrical power engineering projects
  • Solar PV evaluation, documentation and costing
  • Demand management studies
  • Project documentation, specifications and pricing
  • Generator Efficiency Standards

More detail on selected projects:

  • A feasibility study for a standby power supply for a large remotely located manufacturing facility in Western NSW. The site is supplied at high voltage and has more than 12 pad-mounted and pole mounted distribution transformers.  The study considered a number of generator configuration options (voltage and size), synchronisation issues with the network, and looked at all fuel possibilities for the generators including diesel, natural gas, syngas as well as cogeneration and integrating renewable energy.
  • A feasibility study to supply the power for a new high technology imaging machine to be located in its own facility adjacent to a veterinary hospital. The study looked at a range of options to source the power, examined risks associated with the different options, provided a budget estimates and recommendations on how to proceed.
  • Electrical works specifications for some projects resulting from energy audits carried out.
  • Advice and assistance on relocation of high voltage transmission lines for a major housing development project in rural NSW.
  • Bushfire compliance auditing of privately owned high voltage networks for electricity Transmission Network Services Provider.


Our involvement with renewable energy extends to wind, solar, biomass and hydro energy systems.  

Some of our projects include:

  • Sugar Cane Trash to Energy Study – feasibility into a range of power generation options – waste boilers, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, fermentation. Included greenhouse credits, RECs, financial analyses etc.
  • Mini-hydroelectric power scheme – for Shire Council in northern NSW. Feasibility study, options, presentation of findings to client, business plan. Study included financial and technical analysis of a range of options including greenhouse credits, RECs, NGACs etc.
  • Detailed technical and financial study of burning mine ventilation air in a purpose-built rotary kiln with recuperative heat exchanger to abate greenhouse gases and generate power.  Study included detailed technical and financial analysis and the development of a modelling tool to calculate generated NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Certificates at that time (NGACs).
  • Biomass to energy power generation project (piggery effluent utilised in a Cogeneration power plant) – technical and financial analyses. Overview of processes to bring project from planning to design stage.
  • Wind power – preparation of various feasibility proposals on development of wind farm power stations at various locations in Victoria and Tasmania. Generator sizing, grid connection arrangements and options, budget estimates, financial modelling, greenhouse gas emissions credit modelling.
  • Solar PV installations – plant sizing, specifications, tenders, tender recommendation. Funding assistance under the then Clean Technology Investment Program (CTIP), subsequent reports substantiating energy and emissions savings.
  • Some feasibility proposals on integrated wood waste to energy power at discrete Australian sites: technical and financial appraisal, modelling, energy balance and technologies included conventional wood waste burning, gasification and wood chip pulverising for split turbine application.
  • Some of these projects required developing it from concept through to approvals, the business case, financing, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.


  • Site Energy Balance
  • Cogeneration Studies
  • Energy/Engineering Project Identification
  • Advice with government funding and government programs
  • Energy audits – all types – buildings, commercial, industrial, government
  • Boiler system controls improvements
  • Compressed Air systems evaluation and improvements
  • Energy project advice, documentation and assistance with government funding
  • Energy project evaluation using Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO) techniques as a Certified Verification Measurement Professional (CMVP)
  • Energy Advice for Compliance with Section J of the National Construction Code (formerly the Building Code of Australia)

Selected projects include:

  • Major plant upgrade for a processing plant in the meat industry.  Detailed energy modelling and reporting to support application to government for a multi-million dollar assistance for the plant upgrade. Follow up with measurement and verification of achieved energy and emissions savings and results reporting to government.
  • Walk through audit of a food manufacturing plant in rural NSW covering site electricity, natural gas and LPG use.  Production KPIs, project identification covering boiler, compressed air, lighting, process improvements and emissions reduction.

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