About Denis Cooke
& Associates

Denis Cooke, BSc(Eng), MEngSc, MBA, FIEAust


Efficiency and Improvement

Denis has more than thirty years experience as a consultant. Currently he is principal of a consulting firm providing a range of services to many clients including electrical engineering for industry, project management services, energy and greenhouse studies, consulting services and general management. He is highly experienced as an engineer, manager and management consultant.


•Bachelor of Science (Engineering),
University of NSW
• Master of Engineering Science,
University of NSW
• Master of Business Administration,
Macquarie University
• FIEAust Chartered Professional Engineer,
Registered on NPER
• Member firm of Consult Australia
• Registered APEC Engineer
• Member of Australian Institute of
Company Directors

He started as an independent consultant in 1983 initially specialising in all aspects of energy management subsequently moving into more broadly based areas
of business management and strategic studies.

He is principal of this firm.

The range of services provided to many clients include electrical engineering for industry, project management, energy studies, greenhouse studies, auditing, strategic studies, training and management. He is highly experienced both as an engineer and as a management and energy consultant.

Denis has a wide depth of experience in energy management and for two years successfully directed a group energy management programme for James Hardie Industries Limited which saved the group over $1 million in 1984 and achieved national recognition with the National Energy Management Award in 1983.

Denis has a wealth of business planning experience including strategic analysis of environment, competitors, resource and financial assessment, business objectives and total business plans for Australian industry
and government.

He has participated in industry lobby groups and made representations to government.

He has carried out many feasibility studies mostly of a technical nature including recommendations, the alternatives, financial evaluation, implementation and any necessary organisational change. His project management experience includes on site project management of large construction works to participating in and leading multi-disciplinary design teams, undertaking the complete smaller project on a turn-key basis, and following through with implementation assistance.

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Over 35 Years of Experience
Innovative & creative
Certified energy efficiency Expert
Excellent Presentation skills
recognized by the energy industry
Completion to satisfaction of client

What our Clients Say

Business Generation
Denis and I first worked together in the conduct of an Operations Review for an EPC contractor in the heavy engineering field.  From the outset Denis demonstrated his ability to identify and weight the critical commercial and technical factors that define success. That ability is complemented by independence of thought at a high level, something that has made a Denis a welcome resource when I want to explore any new topic from first principles. Small wonder that after more than a decade I continue to enjoy our collaboration.
Adrian Dignam
Managing Director  - Business Generation Pty Ltd
October 14, 2020
Business Generation
Denis has provided advisory services to AJBush for more than 15 years, initially verifying our Greenhouse Challenge program and later assisting with National Greenhouse and Energy reporting, Emissions Reduction projects and the Carbon tax.  Also, he has provided specialist modelling expertise to assist us qualifying for Commonwealth funding for a major plant upgrade to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.  Denis has provided AJ Bush with similar assistance with energy efficiency improvement modelling with later verification for new equipment to satisfy the NSW Dept Planning and Environment.   I have found Denis to be extremely knowledgeable and professional in the sector and has a commercial understanding of the impacts of these programs on a business.
Cameron Bush
General Manager  - AJ Bush (Manufactures) Pty Ltd
May 12, 2021
Business Generation
Molino Stewart has collaborated with Denis Cooke and Associates since 1995 on a wide range of energy related projects which deliver environmental benefits.  This has included industry greenhouse gas reduction guidelines, business greenhouse gas reduction strategies, independent reviews of energy efficiency product claims, IPART audits of energy savings credits and bushfire safety audits of high voltage transmission networks and installations.  Denis has a broad and deep knowledge of energy markets, networks, equipment and processes and can always be relied upon to provide sound, timely and cost-effective advice
Steven Molino
Principal  - Molino Stewart Pty Ltd
October 14, 2020
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