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Carbon Footprint for Emissions Management and Reduction

Today, many businesses have decided to assess and minimise their environmental impact.

We have a demonstrated track record of successfully developing emissions inventories for businesses, identifying and recommending emissions reduction projects and formulating action plans, key performance indicators and monitoring procedures to reduce and mitigate those emissions.  And we use the principles set out in the National Carbon Offset Standard. 

The National Carbon Offset Standard for Organisations is a voluntary standard to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality if that is an end goal. It provides best-practice guidance on how to measure, reduce, offset report and audit emissions that occur as a result of the business operations of an organisation.

Emissions reduction can be achieved through a range of energy efficiency projects, changed operational practices or through the purchase of additional and sufficient verified emission offsets.  An acceptable energy and emissions footprint for any business is a matter for senior management once the initial inventory has been established.

Full compliance with the NCOS requires the entity to develop a plan for management of emissions including a management framework with systems and processes to effectively manage the carbon reduction commitment from start to end, as well as prepare a summary of emissions and actions for public disclosure. All of these activities must be independently verified.  Some clients choose to follow NCOS guidelines but remain outside the NCOS framework.

We provide advice in these areas.


For each business case, our approach is to use our comprehensive emissions inventory spreadsheet with linked pages to data sources which then calculate the total energy usage and total energy costs on a month-by-month basis from all energy sources across the business areas over which the business has operational control. And all relevant non-energy information would be to develop appropriate key performance indicators. 

From this process, economic and viable energy savings and emissions reduction projects are identified and documented.  

Appropriate reference documents could include:

  • Latest National Greenhouse Accounts Factors,
  • Balancing Act – a Triple Bottom Line Analysis of the Australian Economy,
  • State and Commonwealth Departments publications for Environmental indicators,
  • Specific emissions factors,
  • Motor vehicle performance,
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Guidelines,
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol and other

A typical emission inventory includes most and sometimes all emission sources within a certification boundary including

  • Scope 1 direct emissions for Natural Gas, Diesel, Liquid Fuel Use (motor vehicles),
  • Scope 2 indirect emissions for Electricity purchased from grid, and sometimes
  • Scope 3 emissions – the emissions associated with upstream and downstream losses for the
    particular energy type.

We have a track record of identifying appropriate emissions reduction projects that include the whole suite of energy efficiency improvement projects applicable for each project site.

Financial assistance towards the project may be available:

  • from the State government where the project is located.
  • through sharing in the value of creating Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) in NSW
  • as direct assistance from a State or the Commonwealth government.

The Commonwealth government and the States have different subsidy schemes that change from time to time. We can provide advice and assistance in this area.

Call us to discuss your requirements.

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