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Energy Savings Audit

We have a demonstrated track record of successfully conducting energy audits to Australian Standard AS3598:2014.

The Standard sets out three levels of audit as follows:

  • A Level 1 audit is a basic energy audit typically suitable for smaller sites with lower energy expenditure, or as a scoping audit for larger sites.
    • These audits provide a quantitative overview of energy performance and identify no-cost and low-cost opportunities with payback periods of up to 2 years. The accuracy of costs and benefits generally is sufficient for low-cost operational expenditure or as a way to prioritise opportunities for more detailed assessment.
  • A Level 2 audit provides a more detailed analysis of energy performance to identify the full range of energy savings opportunities for a site.
    • It covers a comprehensive review and analysis of all equipment, systems, and operational characteristics across the whole site to quantify energy savings recommendations. The audit includes a full financial analysis of any recommended energy performance improvement based on agreed financial criteria with ranked opportunities. The accuracy of the financial analysis is sufficient for operational expenditure or medium-scale capital investment aligned to the organisation’s expenditure approval process. The audits may include some on-site measurements. Some of the major identified energy saving opportunities may require further investigation with the data here becoming the brief for a Type 3 audit. In these audits, calculated energy savings are reconciling against end-use breakdown and daily or monthly energy consumption profiles. Implementation costs are determined from capital and labour items including site, internal and project management costs. The costs and benefits are determined to a medium level of accuracy.
  • A Level 3 audit is a precision subsystem audit.

Most of the energy audits that we undertake are at Level 2.

The company’s extensive experience in this field covers energy auditing specifically tailored to suit the needs of each project.  

Clients for whom audits have been completed include small, medium and larger manufacturing industries, commercial buildings from high rise office blocks to nursing homes, mining sites and processing plants.  

Contact us to discuss your needs in this area. We tailor our advice to suit your circumstances.

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