Newmont Mines Greenhouse

In 2001 we were pleased to assist Newmont Australia Limited (formerly Normandy Mining Limited) in a review of their Greenhouse Challenge action plans across all their mine sites in Australia. We were engaged to review existing greenhouse gas abatement projects and identify new greenhouse gas abatement projects as part of Newmont’s Greenhouse Challenge commitment (formerly […]

Centennial Coal’s Greenhouse Challenge

In 1999 we were pleased to assist The Centennial Coal Company Limited with their initial Greenhouse Challenge Co-operative Agreement with the Commonwealth government. In 2001, we provided further assistance to Centennial to report on the original agreement and revamp that agreement to take account the changing number of coal mines in Centennial’s portfolio. A revamped […]

James Hardie Group Saves $1 million

Reprinted from James Hardie Energy News – December 1984 Whilst this story occurred some time ago now, we think that it is worth repeating here because the principles are highly relevant and applicable today. Since 1981, when the Group Energy Conservation Programme was initiated much has been achieved and learnt culminating in energy savings totalling […]

Peabody Resources Limited Greenhouse Challenge

In 1997, we were engaged by Peabody Resources Limited (PRL) to prepare their Greenhouse Challenge Cooperative Agreement for their two mines, Ravensworth and Warkworth in the Hunter Valley, NSW, and make allowance for the inclusion of the new Bengalla operation near Muswellbrook, NSW. A significant part of the project involved developing appropriate Greenhouse Response Strategies, […]

Bathurst City Council Budgeting Bathurst’s Bathwater

Reprinted from Energy Focus Magazine 1993 When residents of Bathurst, in the Central West of NSW, turn on the tap to fill the bath or make a cup of tea they are probably unaware of the efforts being undertaken to get their water to them as cheaply as possible. Water and sewerage services are provided […]