Pumping Efficiencies:
This project was an energy and pumping efficiency study of water and waste water pumping stations for the Hunter Water Corporation to evaluate options to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Identified opportunities to achieve these objectives were through:
equipment change,
pumping strategies and/or
load shedding.  

Load shedding in the deregulated electricity market offered cost reduction possibilities at times of high electricity spot price through the ability to load shed and sell surplus contracted electricity back into the market.

To undertake this project, we adopted the following procedure
1. On site measurement of
electrical power for selected pumps used to pump the water or waste water,
water flow
pumping head
2.  The information was then used with data sheets of motors, pumps and the hydraulic system to calculate pumping efficiencies.
3.  Projects to improve pumping efficiencies were identified and they included:
changed pumps,
changed motors. e.g., high efficiency or super high efficiency and
pumping strategies.
4.  Cost benefit analyses undertaken for each identified project .
5.  Options at 4 reduced to financially viable alternatives.
6.  Final recommendations documented.
7.  Report on findings for each pumping station

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