News Articles:
These articles are relevant to efficiency and cost improvement.  Also while some are a little dated, the underlying principles remain quite relevant. Denis Cooke, Sept 2011.

Minerals Industry Workbook - about the Greenhouse Challenge Workbook for the Minerals Industry,

Digging Out the Savings  - an article reproduced from Energy Focus, June 1995.

Peabody Resources Greenhouse Challenge - about PRL's Greenhouse Programme from 1996 - 2000.

Budgeting Bathurst Water - an article reproduced from Energy Focus 1993.

Group Saves over $1 million - an article from James Hardie Energy News (some time ago but relevant)

Centennial Coal Greenhouse Challenge - about Centennial's Greenhouse Programme 2001 on.

Newmont Mines Greenhouse - about Newmont's efficiency projects 2001 on.