Greenhouse Challenge Plus Verification:

Independent Verification of Greenhouse Challenge
The Greenhouse Challenge Programme was a voluntary programme between the Commonwealth Government and industry.

Participants agreed to:
establish an emissions inventory of greenhouse gases that result from their activities,
monitor and manage those emissions,
set greenhouse gas emissions targets (may be total or per unit targets),
identify projects to reduce greenhouse emissions,
implement projects that are economically viable,
monitor the results against targets, and
report annually to the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO),
issue a public statement about their progress with the programme, and
keep records to allow independent verification of the results.

All cooperative agreements signed between the Commonwealth and Members participating in Greenhouse Challenge included an undertaking by the Members to agree to make relevant documents available for random independent verification.

We were engaged to assist in the second round of the verification process in 2000 and we were allocated North Limited for our review. The programme manager for this exercise was DNV.

North Limited at Cape Lambert

From the AGO Website: “The rationale for independent verification is to foster the credibility and continuous improvement of both the Greenhouse Challenge and the emissions accounting and reporting procedures of participants.”

The verification process was undertaken using guidelines developed for the process to ensure that verifications were consistent across the members and industry sectors.

Further details about the Greenhouse Challenge Independent Verification may be accessed at the archived Web Site for the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts - Link here.

The Findings and Discussion Report for North Limited's independent verification under the Greenhouse Challenge in 2000 may be viewed here.

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