Energy Efficiency Opportunities:
This project was to work with Peabody Energy Australia Coal and Wambo Mine to produce the EEO Assessment as required by EEO legislation.

The project was comprehensive and involved extending the existing detailed energy and greenhouse gas spreadsheets (which we established and maintained for Peabody's Greenhouse Challenge Programme) to provide a detailed analysis of energy and production usage across the mine site. KPIs of energy usage were established and projects identified from a number of interactive sessions on site.  Wambo mine site is a large open cut and underground coal mine with a coal handling and preparation (CHPP) plant, rail loadout and associated infrastructure for site services. At the time of the EEO assessment, the site was in the process of undergoing a major upgrade to the underground mining operations.  Use was made of the existing on-site metering systems with general recommendations for upgrades across all site metering systems for both electricity and diesel.

Projects were identified from a number of sources:
previous work across the site,
new projects from intensive focus sessions / workshops on site,
cooperation with site contractors to identify suitable projects for the open cut and other areas.

Overall the processes on site followed the six key elements of the assessment framework:
Information, Data and Analysis,
Opportunity identification and evaluation
Decision making; and
Communicating outcomes.

4 Pages from Wambo EEO Report 4 Pages from Wambo EEO Report

Other projects for Peabody Energy Australia Coal involved site visits to all coal mines in the group to inspect facilities and existing in-house metering systems and related information systems to report on any metering systems upgrade required so that the mine site would be able to undertake EEO assessments as set out in the legislation.

Another similar project was the design and specfication of an in-house metering system for a food manufacturing company for the purposes of undertaking an ESASP and a future EEO assessment.  Energy types included within the metering system included electricity (about 27 points), natural gas with the ability to be exended to include steam usage as well as compressed air.

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