Energy Audits - Mines:
Open Cut and Underground Coal Mines, NSW & Qld:
Detailed energy audits for the following coal mines: Curragh Qld, BHP Moura (Qld), Callide (Qld), Boundary Hill (Qld), Ravensworth (NSW), Warkworth (NSW), Bulga Open Cut and Bulga Underground (NSW), Camberwell (NSW), Howick (NSW), Hunter Valley 1&2 (NSW):

Fuel types used and evaluated - electricity, diesel, LPG.

Load survey, tariff analysis, tariff options (for existing and reduced electricity usage), power factor correction, equipment performance to optimise efficiency, auxiliary equipment including office air conditioning, bath house heating systems, diesel powered lighting.

Energy Performance Benchmarks established for all operational areas within the mine, including draglines,

electric face shovels,

drilling, overburden haulage,

conveying and transport systems,

pumping, and coal washing.  

Opportunities to reduce costs through
managing the mine better,
using energy as a management tool,
fuel substitution,
shovel and dragline performance optimisation,
the use of electrical powered versus diesel powered equipment,
trolley wire assistance schemes,  
third party financing and provision of infrastructure where appropriate to encourage use of a particular fuel type.  
Advice and strategies for operation in the deregulated electricity market.

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